Society of Student-run Free Clinics

The UC Irvine Outreach Clinic Founders and 2014 Board granted Julia Barbour and Alfonso Ortiz the opportunity to attend the Society of Student-run Free Clinics in Atlanta Georgia on February 7th. For a couple of days, the conference was the focal meeting point of many student-run clinic organizations around the country. Instead of reinventing the wheel, this conference provided students the ability to learn from the successes and mistakes of each other in an attempt to improve the collective whole.  

Our clinic is growing and we are always looking for ideas on how to improve. After the conference we decided to introduce several ideas to the UCIOC board and together we are currently working on improving clinic flow and infrastructure for generations to come. Some of the ideas include; certifying Spanish translators, having two floor managers at each clinic shift, introducing a position to monitor clinic flow, and making EMR manual more user friendly. We look forward to a very successful year. 


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